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Sally Odgers
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Sally Odgers was born in Latrobe, Tasmania, in the 1950s. Sally Odgers wrote her first novel in three exercise books with a failing ballpoint pen. Was it any good? Who knows! No one (including Sally) has ever been able to understand her writing. That's why she taught herself to type on a grand piano of a typewriter when she was eleven. It's also why she can't touch-type. As soon as she got a bit of speed on the keys, she abandoned the Pitman's manual and started writing her second book. Two more followed, and when she was fifteen, a friendly editor suggested she might try a collection of short stories. That book was published in 1977.

Since then, only one year, 1982, has passed without at least one book from Sally. Along the way, she found time to marry Darrel Odgers and produce two children. Apart from tutoring in writing and running a small mss assessment business, Sally enjoys collecting china dogs, music, sf and fantasy movies and walking the dogs. Her novel "Candle Iron" (HarperCollins) won the Aurealis Award in 2002.

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    Sally Odgers
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Apart from writing, Sally provides tutoring and assessment services from her website at www.sallyodgers.com