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Robert Clyde Moore

Bio: ABOUT THE ODD-DUCK A UTHOR (facts in italics)<p>Robert Clyde Moore, aka Bob, was born and raised in Kansas. "Let go of my ankle, Toto." As a teenager, Bob made a state freshman high school shot put record, became the first Kansas Intercollegiate Chess Champion, and was a runner-up to Mr. Teen (sponsored by Teen Magazine).<p>Bob came from a long line of old buzzards. His great, great, great grandmother, born in 1764, made Ripley's Believe It or Don't! She was out walking at 115, got run over by a train, and was no Moore. "Moral: drink another beer, the end may be sooner that you think."<p>Bob is listed in Jeremy Gaige's Chess Personalia, a biobibliography ("what a mouthful") of "the great and near great of chess. " He is the author of Two-Move Chess Problems and holds several related world records in chess composition, the main record of I S half-pins is a "staggering achievement" (Sir Jeremy Morse). "But perhaps my greatest achievement was working in the Air Force for 20 years without getting kicked out." Actually Bob received numerous awards and decorations including the Meritorious Service Medal and the Joint Service Commendation Medal. Besides chess, his other hobbies include reading, writing, thinking ("I'm drowning in my think tank."), and becoming a dirty old man.<p>Bob lives in the wastelands of Oklahoma in a trailer with shot guns and attack dogs. His wife Ginny informs him that he is happily married. They have children to the third power. Bob reflects that the dogs have not disappointed him.

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