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Patricia Rowe

Always an avid reader, I wrote poetry, essays and journals, but was too much in awe of novelists to ever think of becoming one. Until the night I had a compelling dream of a young woman living in a long-ago time. As the leader of her people, she faced all kinds of terrors, loved a man she was forbidden to have, and...I was hooked! I wrote a chapter, and sat trembling as my husband read. He said, "Please keep writing. I want to know what happens."

While doing research, I came upon a petroglyph called She Who Watches, and a traditional story saying she was once chief of her tribe, and I realized I'd been writing about someone who was real, at least in legend. Ashan's story became KEEPERS OF THE MISTY TIME. The Moonkeeper and her people had more to tell, so I continued the story in CHILDREN OF THE DAWN.

Visit me at: http://www.eclectics.com/patriciarowe/

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