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Martin von Harter

Martin von Harter is a Susquehannock Native American of the infamous Longhouse Gili Yu. A former cowboy, the author worked several ranches in his time. Martin spent time as a trucker, truck gardener, cow horse trainer, general laborer, stonemason, moonshiner (but non-drinker!), dishwasher, security guard, and is now a sacred-person. Inspiration for his stories come from listening around campfires to older people from Mexico. His home-away-from-home is Hotel Margarita, Creel, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Books by Martin von Harter

Other books by Martin von Harter
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  • Valley of the Damned
    Martin von Harter
    Tsotliotl, the ancient Mexican god of vampires has eaten the hearts of humans for untold millennium. Ramona, a... More