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Lynda K Scott

Lynda comes from a long line of Kentucky storytellers (although some of those storytellers told stories to keep their stills from being discovered). She was born in a small, backwoods shack without benefit of running water or electricity. But her parents soon moved their small family to Michigan so her father could work in the auto industry. Her mother had only completed a sixth grade education and was determined that her children would 'do better'. She encouraged Lynda's love of reading and pushed her to get good grades.

This worked. Lynda always excelled in school but, from the very beginning, she spent hours day dreaming or writing her own stories--complete with illustrations. At the tender age of sixteen, she received her first rejection letter. She recalls being devastated at the time but now agrees that she should have received that rejection. Not knowing better, she had submitted the science fiction story to a woman's magazine.

Since then, Lynda has studied the markets and honed her craft. She began writing with the intent of publication after the birth of her daughter and succeeded in selling several short stories. The rest, as they say, is history.

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