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Lee Boschen

I wrote my first story when I was in the second grade. I remember it had something to do with an Egyptian pharaoh, but fortunately the story was later lost. Then, through life's twists and turns, I became a technical writer, then, finally, a writer in the financial services industry.

Avid sailors, Lee and his wife Judy crossed the Atlantic in their sailboat, Tempo. "It took us one day longer than it took Columbus." They then completed a leisurely journey through the Caribbean Islands. At this point Lee began thinking of writing the story of their adventures, but life had another twist in store. He enjoyed reading romances, and decided that's what he really wanted to write. He soon learned that writing romance fiction was a far cry from the technical writing he was used to, so he joined Romance Writers of America and settled down to hone a new skill.

"Romance fiction is a real labor of love. I think it helps that I'm still crazy about my wife after 18 years."

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