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Laurance Pearsongreer

    I started writing and illustrating my own story books as a child, but lost the desire one day when an uncle told me to, "Write about what you know. If you don't no nothin' then get out and learn somethin'!" I spent the next three decades traveling, seeing, and experiencing all that I could before I ever wrote a word again. My novels are the result. I'm a philosophical acrobat just settling into writing after a lifetime of travel and experience. I was a Physics major in college, a globe-hopping Avionics specialist-arms repairman-and accountant in a long Army association, a onetime rent-a-cop, and a Bank computer nerd for the last 9 years. If life is a banquet, I think I overate

Books by Laurance Pearsongreer

Other books by Laurance Pearsongreer
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  • Soul Traveler
    Laurance Pearsongreer
    Traveler's dilemma: to live forever but to not know who he was. Yet, he was obligated for holding another race's... More