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Katy Jo Farmer

Since the discovery of the Karankawan Indian burial grounds at Jamaica Beach in Galveston, Texas, the Karankawas have been an important part of Katy's life. In her personal library she has almost every book published with information about the Karankawas as well as authentic pieces of pottery. Power of the Shaman is the story of one girl's struggle to save those burial grounds.

As a member of the teaching staff at the Neuhaus Education Center in Houston, Texas, Katy is directly involved with the training of teachers in all areas of reading and language arts education. Prior to coming to Neuhaus, Katy was an elementary school teacher and dyslexia specialist. With a masters degree in education, she has worked to improve the education of children in Texas and the United States through the training of teachers. She has been a member of the International Dyslexia Association and is a certified Academic Language therapist. She served on the board of the Lasker Home for Children for twelve years, the board of the South Texas Girl Scout Council for fifteen years and is presently serving on the board of Galveston Ballet, a pre-professional ballet company.

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  • Power of the Shaman
    Katy Jo Farmer
    May Holcomb finds a Karankawan Indian shaman's jawbone at an archeological dig in Galveston, Texas. Something makes... More