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KT Pinto
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KT Pinto was born in Brooklyn, NY, where children are raised with strong opinions and city attitudes. She spent most of her young life with her nose in a book and, when she was bad, she was punished by being sent outside to interact with other children. She started writing science fiction when she was 12, and then began a teen romance series entitled The Left-Overs that—over six years—became 25 novels long. None of these novels have made it to print yet because, in her own words, these novels need a loooooooot of work. She then tried her hand at adult romance and fantasy, until she found her niche in horror...but not the horror she's writing today.

Although vampyric in nature, the novel she began writing in college had a different supernatural mythos and a heroine that was completely human. The mythos of Celeste didn't occur until KT created her as a one-shot for a LARP she had a hand in running (for a full pictorial explination of Celeste's creation, go to http://www.ktpinto.com/seer.html ) The rest, as they say, is history...

For more about KT's life in her own words, go to http://ktpinto.livejournal.com/303483.html. Find out more about KT at www.ktpinto.com.

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