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John Gorman

Journalist John Gorman has been fascinated with Late Antiquity and with Syagrius since he first encountered both of them in college history class forty years ago. He has traveled extensively in Europe researching background and sources for this mysterious Roman ruler and his time, a time when an empire fell, and the Dark Ages threatened to drown the West in an ocean of bigotry and blood, a time of testing for trust and integrity in a collapsing world of corrupt institutions and failing leadership. For the past two decades, the author has worked as a freelance journalist in Florida, contributing to publications ranging from Modern Maturity to National Fisherman. His essays have appeared in New York Newsday, the Tampa Tribune, Atlanta Constitution and many other important newspapers in the United States and abroad. Although John has published many short stories, King of the Romans is his first foray into book-length fiction.

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  • King of the Romans
    John Gorman
    When Clovis moves to conquer Gaul in 486 A.D., only Syagrius, King of the Romans, has the courage to stand in his way and... More