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David Jenneson

    David Jenneson has lived in North Vancouver all of his life and has been a published writer for the past 30 years. He has been employed in the newspaper industry since 1976 and most recently has worked freelance on marketing, advertising and writing assignments.
    He finished his first novel at age 19, in 1968. The Voyage of the Codfish Balls was satirical science fiction, written at the height of the hippie movement, which accurately predicted the Yuppies social events that followed in the 1970's and 80's. The manuscript was sent to ACE Science Fiction and was about to be published when the manuscript was lost.
    * In 1966 - 68 he wrote a music column in called 'Record Stars' in Canadian High News.
    * In 1973 his novella, The Helping Hands of Christmas, was published in Vancouver by Pulp Press.
    * Between 1973 and 1986 he had numerous songs published and recorded by various artists, including Terry Jacks.
    * In 1989 he became a regular columnist for sixteen weekly newspapers throughout British Columbia writing humorous columns under the title, But Seriously. His universally entertaining pieces now appear regularly in the Canada, the U.S, Great Britain, Africa, and translated into Chinese. They have also been broadcast on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's live national public radio show, First Person Singular.
    * In 1995 he began his second full length novel, Night of the Realtors, about a Realtor who sells the White House. This novel was short-listed for the Robertson Davies First Novel Prize.
    * In 1997 he finished his second novel, The Poplar Press, about a battle between two local newspapers.
    * In June 1999 he finished his third novel, Direct Mail, about a writer who gets mixed up in lottery scams and believes he can change bad luck to good.
    * In September 2002 he finished his fourth novel, Moon Over Wal-Mart, about a man who brings home the spirits of fallen soldiers from unknown graves of the Great War.
    * He has just finished a screenplay treatment of Night of the Realtors and a science fiction story entitled Like a Diamond in the Sky. He is a regular feature writer and columnist appearing in the North Shore Times news magazine. He is currently working on a screenplay of his first novel, Night of the Realtors.
    His style has been described as visual, very entertaining and with solid cinematic potential. He is currently represented by Mr. Stephen Ruwe, Literary and Creative Artists, 3543 Albermarle Street, Washington, D.C. 20008-4213 Phone: (202) 362-4688, Fax (202) 362-8875 email lca9643@lcadc.com, website http://www.lcadc.com/

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