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Darcy Carson

A native Seattleite, Darcy Carson attributes much of her soon-to-be success to being raised in a nutty household of parents who migrated from the Mid-West and East Coast. That mixtures led to much confusion in her young life. Darcy began her writing career while in middle school. She loved the power of words and started with poetry. A bad choice since she couldn’t quite get that rhythm thing down. Her first venture into fiction was a young adult story which dealt with aliens stranded on earth. This obviously never got off the ground, especially since America hadn’t even entered the Space Age. Darcy was way ahead of her time.

Then she found ROMANCE. In real life, in books and in writing. After more than a decade of writing historicals, she switched to short contemporary and found her voice—flippancy.

Darcy has been active in Romance Writers of America as Tacoma Chapter President, founding President of Eastside Romance Writers, and served as the Agent/Editor Liaison for RWA’s National Conference in Hawaii. Recently she launched an Internet talk show on www.worldwebcast.net called Romance Review where she interviews romance authors.

On the home front, Darcy lives with her husband, Bill; two Rottweillers (Big-Butted Beluah Baby and Bufus Brat the Bed-Wetter) and one orange tabby on her second life named Lucky.

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