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Curt Yengst
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Curt Yengst is a professional broadcast engineer who currently resides in Eastern Pennsylvania with his wife and four children. A Jersey boy by birth, Curt has lived in as varied places as Minnesota and North Carolina; so he is clearly no stranger to culture shock. Curt is also a born-again Christian and has spent the last decade working in the Christian broadcast industry. He likes to describe himself as one of those rare people who get to make a living engaging in their hobbies.

Curt is the owner of Zerro House Productions, a small project studio and production company. An occasional songwriter, Curt uses his studio as another of his creative outlets.

Being an engineer, he is endlessly fascinated with all things technical. He credits (or blames) this fascination with his being a "behind-the-scenes" kind of guy. Curt says he would rather be the one behind the camera than in front of it, on the control-room side of the glass than on the studio side. He admits that most of his heroes are individuals that most people have never heard of.

His literary tastes tend to lean in that direction, and he usually enjoys reading non-fiction of a technical or historical nature. His interests, aside from audio engineering, include collecting pocket watches, building dollhouses for the girls in his family, military aircraft, and anything and everything pertaining to the U.S. Navy Blue Angels. He also enjoys spending time with his family.

Tempus Fugit is Curtís first novel, but with all the ideas he has banging around in his head, it wonít be his last.

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