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Christopher Besse
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Chris Besse has a diploma in geology and a degree in theology, and is currently working in engineering systems at a large petrochemical facility. He has been an avid shooter since age fourteen and is a passionate motorcyclist who also practices traditional Shotokan Japanese karate. All of his life, Chris has been a student of history in general and military history specifically.

Chris has worked the science that paints the background for 'Element' for many years, and his study and continued interest in theology has been a unique microscope with which to observe and study human nature and social behaviour on every level. He is currently working on book two of his 'Element' trilogy.

Chris and his wife, Pat, live in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada and in his spare time Chris enjoys playing with his granddaughter and four grandsons.

Visit Chris' official website at www.elementscifi.com.

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