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Alex Domokos

    Alexander (Sandor) Domokos was born in Szabadaka, Yugoslavia in 1921. The family fled to Hungary as refugees that same year. The only child of an upper-middle class family, as a young man he attended military college then transferred to the Gendarmery after being commissioned. After the onset of World War Two he was called to front line duty. During the siege of Buda in February, 1945, Mr. Domokos was captured and held as a prisoner of war in Russia for six years, then endured a further four years under deportation and police surveillance in Hungary. He fled Hungary in 1956 and, with the assistance of the United Nations, settled in Winnipeg. Mr. Domokos is a versatile author of short stories, plays, novels, essays and poems, as well as an accomplished sculptor. He currently has five books in publication in his native Hungary and two electronically published novels. Three novels are in translation with the German publishing house Kripgansbooks, a division of Buchhandlung Baurngd4rtner, and his autobiography "the Price of Freedom" has won a Clara Award. His works have been part of several Anthologies of Canadian_Hungarian authors andhave been published in the Purdue University Calumet fine arts annual "Skylark", The Douglas College Review, Lethbridge Magazine and Canadian Fiction Magazine.He retired from the University of Manitoba in 1986, and lives with his wife and daughter in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Visit web site at http://www.domokos.com/index.html

Books by Alex Domokos

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  • The Centurion
    Alex Domokos and Rita Y. Toews
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